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Coalition of Retired Employees (CORE) Member Meeting
January 13, 2020 Meeting Minutes

Committee Members in Attendance:
Marsha Anderson, President and Retirement Fund Representative
Marilyn Isaacs, 2nd Vice President and RHBAC Representative
Sue Winter, Treasurer

Committee Appointments in Attendance:
Joel Carranza, Communications
Alison Letnes, Membership
Yolanda Gonzales, HBAC Representative
Marolee Lunsford, Programs

I.      Discussion Elections and Appointments:  President, Marsha Anderson led the discussion of the election slate of officers for 2020-2021and then introduced Marolee Lunsford, Nomination Committee Chair. Marolee introduced all candidates for CORE officers as well as board appointments.  Voting began after a call for nominations from the floor, from which none were received.  Member Anita Ramirez made a motion from the floor to vote on the slate as listed which was seconded by Vice President, Marilyn Isaacs.  A vote was held and the motion was unanimously approved as presented.

II.      Member Felicia Cochran noted that Marilyn Isaacs name was omitted as 2nd Vice President and made a motion to open up the election to vote on slate with this addition.  Sue Winter seconded the motion and a vote was taken of the revised motion which passed unanimously.  

III.      Sue Winter gave a year end Treasurer’s Report.  Through December 31st the Savings account has a balance of $4,037.84 including $13.10 in dividends; Checking account $2,651.93 including $0.22 in dividends, $190.00 deposit and a $69.00 payment.  Our 24 Month CD has a balance of $86,613.75 including a dividend of $149.07.  Total Dividends YTD are $1,504.43.  An Invoice for $50.00 to TEXPERS was paid in January.   There was approximately $1,000.00 in expenses for 2019 including Dave Lieber’s speaker fee for our November holiday party of $250.00.   Monies will be moved to savings account to total $5,000.00 on hand for things like legal fees.

IV.       Yolanda, HBAC representative stated there was no meeting in November and gave an update.  New membership cards were sent out.  Health saving vendor is now Wage Works.  They are changing enrollment platform from People Soft to Imperian, with a demo being presented next meeting.  They hired someone to address fraud, waste and abuse. No change in premiums.  Want to do stem cell coverage and diabetes education in the future.  Surgery Plus is working and they have changed the wellness vendor from Simply Well to Virgin Pulse.  They are putting wellness and benefit guides together.  The Health Fund has a $12.5 million balance.  The next meeting will be held March 26, 2020.

V.      Member Karen Van Leuvan brought up that some employees do not always get their Healthcare taken out of their check and it is a concern.  Karen has had this happen more than once.  Yolanda stated she will take this information back to the HBAC.   Member Chris Taylor also made a comment regarding this subject.

VI.      Alison Letnes gave a Membership Report:  2019 year end membership is a total 287, included 10 Lifetime members, 81 monthly deduction members and 196 $5.00 a year members.  Recruitment opportunities include:  Credit Union Dinner in April, Employee Health Fair in October and the Retirement Fund Holiday Luncheon in December.

VII. Marsha brought up the idea of a recruitment contest with the member who gets the most new members a $100.00 prize.  We need numbers for more strength as issues like our COLA may come back.  More members get the information out to retirees faster.  Member Chris Taylor stated membership in CORE is how retirees get informed of what is going on.

VIII. Marsha, our Retirement Fund Board representative, state that the Retirement Fund is about to hire a CIO for accounting and investing to invest our money wisely.  This may help prevent CFW going after our COLA dollars.  Purpose to also make sure we get checks and they invest money properly.  The Fund did a nationwide search.  There will be some investments with a “little’ more risk, but greater return.  We have always had diverse, but safe investments.  Goal is to increase the fund dollars.  The Retirement Fund balance is currently $2.4 billion.

IX.       Marsha then opened the floor for ideas for programs the members may like to have for the coming two years.  She stated July is always set aside for our Insurance representatives to discuss potential changes for the coming year and we generally have Humorist/Speaker David Lieber for our Holiday Party in November. This leaves eight other meetings to plan for.  Members brought up the following ideas for meeting topics: 

* Senior Savings
*Apps for Discounts
*Fitness for Seniors
*CFW's Ellen Pierce- Healthy Seniors
*Senior Travel
*What You Can Do to Make Your Neighborhood Safer
*Senior Resource Agencies
*Simple Handyman/woman feats
*TCC classes for Seniors

X.      Discussion of providing a Resource list of skills/strengths of CORE members that can offer    
     services to our members.  A sheet will be brought to the next meeting to make a list.  Chris 
     Taylor, Kathy Karnes and Joel Carranza said they could help with this project.  

XI.      Marsha brought up the fact that the Retirement Fund Spotlight does not represent a great 
      deal of our retirees’ lifestyle.  25% of our retirees live below the national poverty level.   It’s been  
      discussed to have Spotlight articles of retirees who have given back to their communities in their 
      retirement years, not just traveled, etc.  Please contact Tracy or Marsha if you or someone you  
      know would be willing to share their story.

XII.      More discussion on ways to give money to needy members or connect with social services  
       such  as Texas Agency on Aging to help with things like Medicaid and other available help.

Being no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully Submitted,
Marolee Lunsford, CORE Secretary

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