Coalition of Retired Employees

                                                                                        City of Fort Worth
CORE City of Fort Worth

Life Begins at Retirement 
  The mission of the Coalition of Retired Employees is to serve the needs of the retirees of the City of Fort Worth by:

1.Receiving information from retirees regarding
issues which affect them

2. Presenting retiree viewpoints to the Retirement Board

3. Taking a pro-active position with respect to benefit changes which will impact the retiree and/or the retiree’s eligible survivors(s).

Get the scoop on the Care Today Clinic for City Retirees
and their families along with information on
Compass Health Services for non-Medicare
Retirees by visiting:

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 Next CORE Membership Meeting:

 Monday, March 16 at 10:30 am, 3801 Hulen Street


 Speaker Michelle Ardoin will explain the benefits of a new
soft tissue pain treatment technique now covered by Aetna
for non-Medicare retirees

 What is Airrosti?

 During the initial consultation, the Airrosti provider perform a thorough clinical assessment to evaluate your condition and determine the root cause of your pain/injury. This is followed by soft tissue and joint mobilization through a hands-on approach to improve the healing potential of the target area and the surrounding tissue. When appropriate, a customized program of stretches and exercises are prescribed to help speed recovery and prevent future injuries, and additional instruction will be provided for home self-care. To ensure an ongoing level of quality care and satisfaction, they measure your feedback and outcomes throughout your treatment.

 Injury List:  Here is a list of the common injuries
Airrosti is able to impact

 Achilles Tendonitis      Ankle Sprain     Bicep Tendonitis
Calf Pull/Strain     Elbow Pain     Groin Pull
Hamstring Pull/Strain     Headaches     Heel Pain/Spurs
Hip Flexor Strain     Hip Pain     IT Band Pain
Shoulder Pain     Knee Pain     Low Back Pain
Mid Back Pain     Neck Pain     Patellar Tendonitis
Plantar Fasciitis     Quad Pull     Shoulder Pain
Shin Splints     SI Joint Pain     Sciatic Like Pain
Sever’s Disease     Tricep Tendonitis

The May Membership date has changed due to City Council Elections. The new date is Monday, May 4 at 10:30 am and will feature City Council candidates! It will be held in the boardroom of the Employee Retirement Fund Building.

CORE Meetings 

CORE Board Meetings - First Mondays of
every other month at 10:30 - 12:30

 March 2

 May 4

 July 6

 No September meeting due to holiday

 November 2

 CORE Membership Meetings: - Second Mondays of every other month (*except March) at 10:30 - 12:30

 *March 16

 May 4

 July 13

 September 14

 November 9

Location: Retirement Office 3801 Hulen Street, Fort Worth, TX 76107

Coalition of Retired Employees  PO Box 24536  Fort Worth, Texas 76124
email CORE at

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